2020년 3월 28일


Catalytic removal of NOx, VOC and dioxin


UMICORE SCR Catalyst for removal of NOx in flue, exhaust and off-gases is very well proven with the implementation of the DeNOx catalysts and/or technology in numerous applications treating gas flows in the range from 1,000 to 2,500,000 Nm3/h. Similarly, the Umicore oxidation catalysts have been utilised in more than 350 units, cleaning off-gases from a wide variety of industries.

This has provided a unique basis for commanding all aspects of the said technologies and for further developing a number of ad-vanced and successful designs for simultaneous removal of NOx, VOCs, CO, dioxins, etc.

Mercury oxidation


  • To oxidize mercury so that it can be adsorbed in the FGD


First step - Mercury can be oxidized on the SCR catalyst:

  • Hg0  + 2 HCI + 0.5 O2 ↔ HgCl2 + H2O
  • NO + NH3 + 0.25 O2 ↔ N2 + 1.5 H2O